How to Determine the Age of an Antique Roll-top Desk

All we did was polish it up, and some minor wear shows here and there in the finish, but it adds charm and character. We did replace the felt on the desk because it was in rough condition. He took care of the house, paid bills, and did all the food shopping. He would get the groceries, and he would make the list on this desk. It was also used as a dish cupboard in the dining room. This one has lots of burl on it, lots of rosettes, burl trim all over, and racetrack moldings on the doors, which retain their original brass hardware. The beautiful solid black walnut case has a carved crest on top, which is normally missing on these pieces.

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If you suspect your piece is pre, like these early s antiques, consult an expert — do not refinish. If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself. Older mass-produced pieces whose origins fall somewhere between and are ideal candidates for refinishing. Here are some general guidelines to assessing the age and quality of your piece. But keep in mind that there are lots of exceptions to these rules, so err on the side of caution.

antique Colonial mahogany secretary desk, now THIS is furniture! Antique Secretary Desks, Antique. Saved from Dating centuries back. Alan Riceearly.

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Furniture Care Kit 18th century furniture 19th century furniture Georgian furniture Regency furniture Victorian furniture Edwardian furniture. First Look. Join our monthly newsletter to see new stock before anyone else One email a month and nothing else! Georgian furniture We specialise in Georgian antique furniture. Below you will find a big selection of Georgian furniture dating from c.

We stock Georgian chest of drawers, Georgian tables, Georgian bedside tables, Georgian desks, small Georgian furniture.

Dating from the late 19th century and usually made from oak, one of the better known brands Cutler oak roll top desk with slide out writing surfaces,.

Our shop and gallery are located at 8 Federal St. We will be open by appointment through June, and hope to resume daily hours of after that. An early transitional country Queen Anne high chest in a small size, with fan-carved center drawer, beaded drawer sides, double waist moldings, triple-arcaded skirt, and with delicate cabriole legs ending in raised pad feet.

Cherry and pine, in a rich older surface. Probably central MA or eastern CT, c. There are several old lip repairs to the drawers, and the brasses are replacements set in the original holes. Purchased privately from a local family. A near pair of Queen Anne sidechairs with carved crests, molded backs, well-turned legs and stretchers ending in Spanish feet. Maple and ash, in fine old color. Probably CT, c.

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From applique and back splats to veneering and wingbacks, an essential glossary of furniture terms — with examples previously sold at Christie’s. Antique: A piece of furniture or object that is more than years old. A pair of ormolu twin-branch wall appliques. Apron: A decorative element joining the surface of a chair or table with the legs.

Dating from the s, this is a Victorian burl walnut butler’s secretary desk. Purchased from a local estate, this gorgeous solid black walnut butler’s bookcase​.

Welcome to the LoveAntiques. Whether you are looking for a small antique writing desk or an antique leather top writing desk, you will not be disappointed when you browse the selection that is available on our website. We have a variety of different writing desks made from different materials such as oak, mahogany, walnut, or pine, in a variety of different stylish designs.

We are confident that if you look at our antique writing desk styles that we have available, that you will find something that you will love! The desk is constructed in three sections two pedestals, each with three drawers and the top section with a further Stunning large oak military desk in fantastic condition given its age, red leather top with a slightly oversailing top, seven drawers and two oak desk pulls to either side. Always very Offered for sale is this small 19th Century Victorian antique mahogany pedestal desk with a leather top.

Circa , folding campaign desk.

How to Determine the Age of Antique Furniture

Determining the exact age of any piece of antique furniture can be challenging. Depending on information provided by the piece itself, you may be able to come within a few years of dating it or may have to settle for a span of 50 years or longer. A wide variety of resources can help you come close to dating an antique roll-top desk. Take a thorough set of measurements for your desk, including height, depth and width of both the bottom desk and the tambour, or roll-top.

I purchased this from the repair shop of a prominent New England antiques dealer in a crack in the top early in the table’s life, they were removed at a later date. A rare country Chippendale secretary, or desk and bookcase, in a small size.

Showroom – Frequently Asked Questions. As the dovetail joint evolved through the last one hundred thirty years, it becomes a clue for the age and authenticity of antique furniture. The type of dovetailed joint, especially in drawers, reveals much about furniture construction and dating. With just a little study of these examples, it is easy to spot true hand made construction vs. The earliest examples are from furniture placed with mummies in Egypt thousands of years ago, and also in the burials of ancient Chinese emperors.

For thousands of years, a dovetail joint was created by a skilled cabinetmaker using small, precision saws and wood chisels. Tiny angled saw cuts were followed by careful cutting by a sharpened chisel on both sides to avoid splintering. When the joint is expertly executed, it is a thing of beauty, and a secure joining of two boards that can last for centuries.

A little glue cements the connection, and a good dovetail joint has great strength and durability. This secretary desk from about was built by a good country carpenter, notice the dovetails on the side of the drawer, and holding the top and side planks together as well.

Before you can sell an antique desk – you have to acquire one

Roll-top desks came into existence in the United States during the latter part of the 19th century. Each desk featured a rolling door that slid up and down to reveal or conceal built-in pigeonholes, shelves and a flat writing surface. The exterior facade of a roll-top desk as well as its construction can provide visual clues as to its age. Trustworthy resources can help confirm your age calculations.

Antique: A piece of furniture or object that is more than years old. Davenport: A narrow writing desk with a sloped top above drawers. Empire: A style dating to Napoleon’s reign (), characterised by Egyptian.

Antique Carved Wood Tables. Antique Marquetry. Cylinder Desk. Georgian Mahogany Desk. Dutch Marquetry. Antique Walnut Cabinet.

Antique Writing Desks

Antique Secretary Desk – looking for information regarding the age and maker. The only markings we can find are on the back there is a picture of the markings. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you – I looked into Thomas Sheraton’s design and can’t find anything that looks like what I have. Is there a chance it could be something else?

Large antique French Louis XV style desk with an original tooled leather writing surface & fabulous gilt bronze mounts. I would date it to around the

A visit to a very reputable local antiques dealer turned up what appeared to be a real gem of a Hepplewhite tambour desk. Sitting among a large collection of fine period furniture, it would be easy for the uninitiated or casual buyer to accept the desk as the real thing. Especially given the sterling reputation of the dealer. The new desk is a Colonial Revival piece, an honest reproduction made by Maddox Furniture in the s. It is shown below, along with a period Hepplewhite piece made in Massachusetts, ca.

But can you immediately spot the differences? The similarities are amazing. Each has crotch mahogany drawer fronts and light colored inlaid stringers. Overall colors are very similar and the tambour doors have virtually identical dimensions and characteristics. The first obvious clue of the recent vintage of our desk is the type of hinge used on the folding leaf.


A secretary desk or escritoire is made of a base of wide drawers topped by a desk with a hinged desktop surface, which is in turn topped by a bookcase usually closed with a pair of doors, often made of glass. The whole is usually a single, tall and heavy piece of furniture. Like the slant top desk , the main work surface is a hinged piece of wood which is flat when open and oblique when raised to enclose secondary work surfaces such as small shelves, small drawers and nooks stacked in front of the user.

Thus, like the Wooton desk , the fall front desk and others with a hinged desktop, and unlike closable desks with an unmovable desktop like the rolltop desk or the cylinder desk all documents and various items must be removed from the work surface before closing up. When closed, the secretary desk looks like a cross between a commode-dresser, a slant top desk and a book case. The secretary is one of the most common antique desk forms and has been endlessly reproduced and copied for home use in the last hundred years.

Antique Victorian Mahogany Duchesse Dressing Table and dating from around Winthrop desk Paint Furniture, Antique Furniture, Furniture Decor, Secretary.

Here is an antique ladies writing desk, which our experts have dated to around , that would not only be a joy so sit and work at but which will look good wherever it is placed in a room. The piece is further enhanced by superb ormolu mounts. The fall front of this antique writing desk opens and reveals a nicely finished rosewood interior and you will note the gold tooled inset leather writing surface which complements the richness of the burr walnut perfectly.

As you can see, when open, the Bonheur Du Jour reveals a useful set of three drawers together with a slide that gives you access the secret space that is located below. At the top of this antique Victorian ladies writing desk there are a pair of useful and spacious cupboards which have delightful glazed doors and can be used for displaying ornaments or just for storage if preferred. Down below, the Bonheur Du Jour stands on attractive yet sturdy cabriole legs and we are pleased to confirm that this writing table still retains the original working locks and keys.

No-matter which way you look at it, this is a very attractive and useful antique writing desk and it is in excellent condition so that it can be enjoyed by all who see it. Bonheur du jours are typically light and graceful items with the special characteristic of a raised back. This delightful ladies writing desk can be lovingly packed and shipped to any destination — please request a shipping quotation before placing your order.

Thank you. If you can visit our north London showroom then please do — you can inspect this lovely writing desk at your leisure and ask questions of our resident experts.

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